Commissioned Abstract & Landscape Artist Victoria Jackson

The minimal landscape paintings of Georgia artist, Victoria Jackson, create a feeling of calm through her use of color and uncomplicated forms.

Everyone needs something beautiful to look at in their home. If the interior of your home or business doesn’t pop with color and beauty, it’s time to make a change. Replace the visually stale art on your walls with a minimal landscape painting from Victoria Jackson and your house will feel like a true home.

Instead of overpowering your living space with visually loud paintings, posters or other art, consider adding subtle beauty that calms and soothes. Take a look at the creations of Victoria Jackson, a commissioned abstract artist in Georgia, and you’ll agree her use of color and simple forms puts you at ease.

Victoria’s work soothes, replenishes the spirit, and creates a bond with places that bring a respite from the chaos of life.


Part of what separates Victoria’s pieces from those of other landscape artists in Georgia is her guarantee that you’ll like your customized painting. Choose Victoria as your commissioned abstract artist in Georgia and you won’t have to pay a penny upfront. Nor are you under any obligation to purchase the painting when it’s done. When you take a look at Victoria’s unique creation made specifically for you, you’ll find it stirs your emotions, possibly even reminding you of a fond experience or other memory.